Cannabis Air Duct Cleaning for Cultivation Facilities

Cannabis Air Duct Cleaning - Clean Air Ducts - Adrian Michigan

Cannabis cultivation facilities are turning up all over the United States, especially here in Michigan. Cannabis facilities rely on having the ability to control environmental specifics through sophisticated HVAC systems. These systems generally consist of air handling units with miles and miles of duct work. What happens if dust, bugs, or mold end up inside the ducts? Is plant quality going to diminish?

Cannabis Air Duct Cleaning - Clean Air Ducts - Adrian Michigan

Make Air Duct Cleaning an essential part of your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution for your facility. Have the peace of mind knowing that your ducts are always sanitized and cleaned before any new plants enter the grow room. We offer a number of preventative and regular maintenance for your HVAC systems.

Our preventative maintenance plans include a full system cleaning, an environmentally safe sanitization mist, and a 20 point check of the mechanicals of your system. All ductwork will receive a video scope to identify any potential areas where contaminants will build up.

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