Allergy Season 2021 Duct Cleaning

When the weather changes, so do our allergies. Unfortunately, we cannot control the environment around us easily, so we must find ways to cope with seasonal allergies and their symptoms.  One of the most common ways is through allergy treatments and medications. However, there may be one simple step you can take at home: remove any allergens from your air ducts in your house. This helps reduce allergy symptoms because it prevents pollutants from entering your home’s indoor air supply. Â Allergens such as dust, pollen and mold spores are carried into homes on shoes or clothes or dragged in by pets. The particles attach themselves to clothing fibers or become trapped inside fabrics, carpets and rugs making them allergen magnets that then reintroduce these pollutants to the air in your home.

Summer and Fall Allergies are the worst

Why are summer and fall allergies the worst? The answer is pollen. Pollen is released by trees, grasses, weeds and other plants during their blooming season in the spring or early summer. Once it’s airborne, this allergen can be carried for miles before settling on any surface or inside homes where many people spend much of their time.  This means that even if you live nowhere near a field of flowers or cornfields to which pollens are attracted, you’re still susceptible to these allergens because they can travel great distances through the air. It’s then up to your immune system to deal with them as best it can .

Air Duct Cleaning to improve seasonal allergies in your home

While we cannot control what is outside, we can make a difference by removing air ducts allergens from our homes. An easy way to do this is by hiring a professional service to clean your air ducts and other ventilation systems within your property. This can be done as frequently as annually or just once every few years depending on how frequently you use these appliances. The service may take anywhere from a couple hours to a day or so for professionals to complete the job depending on the size of your house .

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