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The main goal of Clean Air Ducts LLC. is to improve the indoor air quality for our customers. We not only specialize in several vent cleaning techniques to improve your indoor air quality but our state-of-the-art equipment and enhanced knowledge in the field provide us with the cleaning abilities that surpass our competitors.

Professional Service

We pride our business on treating the customer right. We're professional during all aspects of our service. We'll go above and beyond your expectation while keeping our prices competitive.

Improve Air Quality

Remove dust and toxins that are sitting around in your duct work. Fight mold with regular cleanings. Increase furnace and AC efficiency by removing any air flow blockages.

We are proud to use HyperVac Duct Cleaning Technology

Hypervac Technologies is the worlds leading manufacturer of cutting edge equipment for the furnace, air conditioning and air duct cleaning industry. 


We are able to provide an accurate quote based off a few questions about your home, business, or RV.​

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Allergy Season 2021 Duct Cleaning

When the weather changes, so do our allergies. Unfortunately, we cannot control the environment around us easily, so we must find ways to cope with seasonal allergies and their symptoms.
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Cannabis Air Duct Cleaning for Cultivation Facilities

Cannabis cultivation facilities are turning up all over the United States, especially here in Michigan. Cannabis facilities rely on having the ability to control environmental specifics through sophisticated HVAC systems.
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2020 Holiday Season Duct Cleaning

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